Numinus is uniquely situated to provide the necessary clinical infrastructure to the psychedelics sector - with treatment rooms specifically designed for anticipated psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT) protocols, experienced practitioners to provide the treatments, training opportunities to grow the number of PAT-certified practitioners, and insurance payer expertise.  

Regardless of the future drugs and treatment protocols anticipated to be approved by the FDA and Health Canada in the next several months and years, Numinus is well-positioned to partners with drug developers to provide patient access to these therapies. Our menu of mental health treatment options, including traditional talk therapy, also appeals to clients - providing an all-in-one approach to their treatment plans. 




Numinus Wellness Inc. is an integrated mental health company creating an ecosystem of health solutions to research, develop, and deliver safe, evidence-based, accessible psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. 

Numinus Wellness Clinics
Numinus currently operates 13 wellness clinics offering a wide-range of mental health treatments, including traditional talk therapy, Ketamine-assisted therapy, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Our corporately-owned clinic locations are often located in clusters, which allow us to efficiently operate and generate regional brand awareness.  Our new Numinus Network platform offers licensing and partnership opportunities to third-party clinic operators and practitioners.

Numinus Training 
A department of our wellness clinic operations, Numinus Training offers practitioners with unique training programs to learn about, train, and become certified in psychedelic-assisted therapies.  Learn more about Numinus' training opportunities here

Cedar Clinical Research, by Numinus
Cedar Clinical Research (CCR) provides clinical research sites and services to third-party drug development companies.  CCR works with many of the psychedelics sector's leading companies, and also runs clinical trial research sites for traditional drug developers.  Today, CCR operates three research clinics, located in Utah and Arizona. 

Numinus Bioscience is a Health Canada-licensed lab for psychedelic substance research, developing IP while offering analytics services for revenue generation.

Collectively, these solutions position Numinus at the forefront of psychedelics for healing and wellness. Learn more about our services and business lines on our client-facing website: www.numinus.com.