Numinus is an integrated mental health company creating an ecosystem of health solutions to research, develop, and deliver safe, evidence-based, accessible psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Numinus Bioscience is a Health Canada-licensed lab for psychedelic substance research, developing IP while offering analytics services for revenue generation.

Numinus Health supports practitioners in delivering best-in-class treatments by offering centralized, Numinus-owned training, facilities and other operational resources for effective care delivery and healthcare impact.

These solutions position Numinus at the forefront of psychedelics for healing and wellness. Learn more about our services and business lines at www.numinuswellness.com.


Numinus is developing proprietary, psychedelic-centred, therapeutic products and services through our own laboratory and R&D process, to be delivered through a global network of physical locations, digital solutions and partnerships.

Our company benefits from:

  • A comprehensive model advancing scientific innovation and best-in-class clinical delivery.
  • Secured assets with lab and Health Canada licence to pursue research, partnerships and revenue-generating contracts.
  • A deep proprietary moat with multiple product and therapeutic protocol advances.
  • Industry firsts in natural psilocybin and MDMA research, backed by partnerships with sector leaders.
  • Steady clinic expansion led by medical leaders with psychedelic training and regulatory expertise.
  • Sustainable revenue and operations across lab and clinics to advance on global scaling strategy.
  • A proven team with deep medical, scientific, market expansion and capital-raising experience.

These competitive advantages support a growth strategy focused on growing both our intellectual property and clinic network.